Our New Studio, 16.03.18

by Adam Charlton


I am thrilled to announce the opening of our Brighton-based, branding and visual identity studio,  the sister studio of BrandCraft.


How BrandTheory was born

I started travelling to Hong Kong at the beginning of 2012, and after working for branding studios both in Hong Kong and the UK, I founded BrandCraft in 2015. Originally, BrandCraft was my freelance design practice, but as the projects grew in size, a team of one, grew to two, and I now direct a small studio of five designers out of our studio space in the new creative hub of Wong Chuk Hang. We work with clients of most sizes and industries, corporates, finance, F&B, tech, fashion, cosmetic and retail. Our clients and partners include JP Morgan, Swire Properties, Fair Trade amongst others.

Five years after first travelling to Hong Kong, I now split my time between Brighton and Hong Kong, and for the last year, have been working to launch BrandCraft's sister studio. BrandTheory is the UK sister of BrandCraft.


Our vision for BrandTheory and BrandCraft

Our goal is to grow two partnered studios, giving us the capabilities and reach to work across language, culture, industry and geography. We hope to create a truly cross-cultural design studio, each sister studio, benefitting and growing together.  We will give clients a partner that understands both sectors, and can help in the translation of products, services and fundamentally brands across the regions of Europe and Asia.



Our sister studio - www.brandcraft.hk
Brighton Palace Pier cover photo by Joseph Pearson